Pittsburgh Potholes Can Hurt Your Car's Performance, But We Can Help Fix It Up

Winter weather doesn’t make heading out on the roads around Pittsburgh any easier, and a large reason behind that is the appearance of more and more potholes. As snow falls and turns to slush on the roads, the water created seeps into the asphalt then freezes, which pushes up on the ground and makes for bumpy roads. While many consider this a minor inconvenience, they can be much more dangerous and expensive to drivers than you may realize!

It's not all bad news, however, as our dealership can make sure that your car is ready for all that winter roads around Pittsburgh throw at you! See more below.

Getting Your Tires Aligned

The sudden jolt of hitting a pothole you didn’t see is a sensation that no one wants to feel, but it happens all the time in our area. While not every pothole you hit can cause damage, they can misalign your steering system, which has a noticeable impact on driving feel. This is why regular tire alignments are vital to getting the most out of your vehicle, and at our auto service center in McMurray, we provide free quick-checks of your tire alignment so that you can know if that last bump threw your steering out of whack. If it did, our technicians can realign your tires so that more expensive damage is less likely to occur!

Our free alignment inspection will tell you all you need to know about how ready your car, truck, or SUV is for the difficulties of winter roads, but it's not the only way we can help! Come on down to our dealership today to see the other services and parts we offer that will have you driving in the winter without a worry in the world!

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