South Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT: 

Brands Versus the Competition, & Model Comparative Reviews that Dive into the Specifics

Competition. It's what fuels the automotive market, with an array of different makes and models all vying for your attention. And like any consumer, you want to know which manufacturers stand out from the pack, and why. Here at South Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT, we have the answers that you seek. Our stocked inventory includes the established makes in the industry that continue to enjoy popularity and resounding success. We want to walk you through the many reasons why these vehicles continue to shine, and why these overall makes offer you more than what the competition can come up with.



With our vehicle comparisons, you will discover a general summary of the various makes that are represented here in the South Hills lineup. You will also get a great sense of what these brands can offer you, along with how they have cemented themselves as special across the industry.

  • Chrysler: This domestic manufacturer is well known for producing classy vehicles that are striking in appearance and considerate of your favorite feature preferences. With sedans, a convertible and an aerodynamic minivan in the Pacifica all set on reinventing your commuting perceptions, shoppers seeking style will be richly rewarded when deciding on a vehicle from this lineup
  • Dodge: This America-based manufacturer adds dynamic aggression into your everyday driving, with vehicles that pack plenty of horsepower and capability underneath the hood. With muscle car examples in the Challenger and Charger available to show off on the racetrack or road, you will find that excitement comes easy with this bold brand
  • Jeep: Are you a fan of off-roading? You'll find both are extensive themes of the Jeep SUV lineup. The famed four-wheel drive capability, along with the terrain-conquering prowess of Jeep, set this brand apart in the utility vehicle segment
  • Ram: Full-sized pickup trucks that exude power and come packed with features to make your experience so much more are what embody this make, including models such as the popular Ram 1500 and Ram Super Duty. Luxury features in top trim levels really change your perception of what a truck can offer
  • FIAT: Since 1899, the storied FIAT brand has flashed in the automotive industry. Known for vehicles that are creative with comfort and lively drive demeanors, you'll enjoy popular daily drivers such as the FIAT 500 on any commute that you take

Now that you have a general sense of what each brand can offer, it is time to dive in even deeper. This page houses all of our comparative reviews, taking specific models from each of these makes-also featured in our lineup-and comparing them to a wide array of segment-aligned competition. We compare features, performance, safety, comfort and much more in these reviews, giving you a complete picture with which to base your decisions off of. We look forward to hearing what you think of each respective review, and connecting with you here in our showroom once you're done researching!