Credit & Financing Options at South Hills

Question & Answer with Cappy (aka Mark Capazzoli), Sales Manager

You want nothing more than to be a "sign and drive" customer, and yet financial challenges may have you concerned about your car buying or leasing experience.  

At South Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, discretion is of the utmost importance when helping you navigate the financing process.  As a trusted area dealer, we've heard many questions:  "Are there dealerships that finance anyone?" "Do bad credit auto loans exist?" "Can I get a new car if I have a low credit score?" and so many more!  Below, our Sales Manager answers common questions to help you feel more comfortable with the auto financing process before you fill out a financing application online or in our store.

If I have bad credit, will I be able to get a car loan?
Most likely, yes. Our plan at South Hills CDJRF is to help our customers reestablish their credit and keep them as a long term customer. 

When should I tell my salesperson I have bad credit? 
By letting your sales consultant know your credit situation as soon as possible, you will help us fit a vehicle in your budget.  You will also help us structure a vehicle deal to make it more appetizing for the bank to purchase the deal. 

I want to avoid embarrassment about my credit at the dealership.  What should I do?
You are welcome to ask directly for me, Cappy, if you wish to avoid discussing your potential credit challenges with your salesperson. I have years of experience helping customers in this situation and we can be extremely discrete. The focus is finding the right vehicle for you no matter what. 
Is there a difference between auto financing with an average credit sore and a low credit score?
Yes, it's about putting the customer in the right vehicle that fits the budget.  Otherwise, the process is quite similar. Remember that every person has different auto and financial needs, and we are skilled at helping customers find a vehicle that meets their needs.
Will South Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram consider buyers who have credit challenges?  Can we be discreet about my credit challenges?
South Hills looks forward to working with people with all kinds of financial and credit differences.  All of us here at South Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat realize life is challenging, and we realize that people go through hard times. We are here to grow with our customers. 

At South Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, We Work with a Variety of Credit Scores to Match your Budget with a Dream Vehicle from our Inventory

Not quite sure where you stand with your credit history? Feeling less than confident about the prospects of an auto loan with a lack of credit established or poor credit altogether? At South Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, the last thing we want for you is to feel dejected by these circumstances. Our financing team understands that a variety of factors can contribute to a poor credit score, which is why we aim to be flexible with the customers that we work with to align your specific budget with a plan that works!

Financing a New Car, SUV, Truck, Hatchback or Minivan with Poor Credit in McMurray, PA

We are more than happy to connect you with one of our financial experts here at our dealership in McMurray, PA, who can begin work on a financing plan that takes your credit issues into account. Working privately with you to protect your information and to make you feel more comfortable, we can begin the steps of reestablishing your credit score and getting you back on the right track in the long run.


With a vehicle that matches and a financing plan that makes sense for both your budget and the credit score you carry, you can take a significant step forward in moving your credit from poor to average while upgrading your means of transportation. Our financing experts will be here to help answer questions along the way and provide clarity where needed, as we look forward to accommodating all customers with a dream of a new daily driver despite a bad credit score.