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You love your Jeep. You know how important it is to keep it fit for exploring greater Pittsburgh and our neck of the southwest Pennsylvania woods beyond.

But your SUV logs many miles over many years, down the highways outside of Canonsburg and Washington PA, among the city lights of Bethel Park, and off the beaten path near Mount Lebanon. That wear and tear can take its toll on any adventurer. You’ll eventually need a repair or two, but you can keep those to a minimum by sticking to regular service and maintenance on a factory schedule. What’s on a Jeep maintenance schedule? That depends on the kind of driving you do, your mileage, and how old your Jeep is, but you can generally follow this one, along with consulting the specifics in your owner’s manual.

Jeep Service Schedule

Every Oil and Filter Change:

  • Undergo a tire rotation
  • Get your battery inspected and have its terminals cleaned and tightened as needed
  • Have your brakes inspected, from pads, shoes, and rotors to drums, hoses, and your parking brake
  • Get your engine cooling system and its hoses inspected
  • Have your exhaust system inspected
  • Get your engine air cleaner inspected
  • Have all door latches checked for grease and get it reapplied if necessary

At About 20,000 miles:

  • Get your CV and universal joints checked
  • Inspect your front suspension and tie rod ends, replacing the latter if needed
  • Have your front and rear axle fluid looked at
  • Check your brake linings and change them if necessary
  • If you’ve got four-wheel disc brakes, have your parking brake adjusted
  • Replace the filter in your air conditioning and circulation system

At About 30,000 miles:

  • Inspect your transfer case fluid
  • Replace your engine air filter
  • Change the fluid in your manual transmission system if you’ve used your SUV for towing, plowing, heavy loading, off-roading, desert travel, or the better half of your driving is done at high speeds in temperatures above 90 degrees

At About 40,000 miles:

  • Meet all 20,000-mile maintenance requirements, except front and rear axle fluid review
  • At About 60,000 miles:

    • Meet all 20,000-mile maintenance requirements, plus: change your engine air filter, replace your spark plugs if you’ve got a 2.0-liter engine, and check your transfer case fluid and change your manual transmission fluid if you drive frequently and in dusty conditions, tow, plow, go off-road, or do most of your driving at high speeds in 90-degree weather

    At About 80,000 miles:

    • Meet all 20,000-mile maintenance requirements, except front and rear axle fluid review

    At About 90,000 miles:

    • Have your transfer case fluid inspected
    • Change your engine air filter
    • Replace your manual transmission fluid if you’ve driven in dusty conditions, frequently towed, plowed snow, gone off-roading, or driven mostly at high speeds in weather above 90 degrees

    At About 100,000 miles:

    • Meet all 20,000-mile maintenance requirements, plus: swap out your spark plugs if you’re running a 3.6-liter engine, flush and replace your engine, intercooler, battery and motor generator unit coolant if applicable, and get your PCV valve inspected and replaced as needed

    At About 120,000 miles:

    • Meet all 60,000-mile maintenance requirements

    At About 140,000 miles:

    • Meet all 20,000-mile maintenance requirements
    • You can easily schedule an auto service appointment right here online if your Jeep is due. Otherwise, if you’ve got questions or concerns before the fact, you’re welcome to call our Jeep service department or visit us in-person here on Washington Road in McMurray to talk shop. We’ll help you and your SUV get back on the trail in no time!